Sunday, December 29, 2013

Real Stargates ~ Coast To Coast AM - 28 December 2013

 Coast To Coast AM - 28 December 2013 -
Ancient history is a good place to start. Nearly every ancient civilization refers to a place called the "underworld" and a place called the heavens, both of which appear to be more than simply metaphors for the planets and stars rising and setting into and over the horizon. The ancient Hindus and some of the Buddhists, said the only way to access the upper levels of heaven was via Mt. Meru (also called Mt. Sumeru), which wasn't an actual mountain but a reference to a ziggurat in ancient Sumer (this is the pivotal point, but I don't want to overload your circuits with too much information if you aren't aware of any of these ancient stories). The ancient egyptians also believed in an entrance to the underworld and a boat which travelled on heavenly waters (, a mode of transportation) which carried them into the heavens. The ancient sumerians referred to otherworldly places which were accessed via gateways into the underworld, and gates up to the heavens.

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