Marianne Williamson: We Must Maintain A Healthy Sense of Protest

Partisan politics is something we actively avoid discussing on this site. Instead, we prefer to operate in the domain of provable fact. But that doesn't mean that we have written off the political process entirely.

Yes, we believe our own efforts (and those of most of our readers) are much more effective when targeted at the individual and local levels. And we don't hold out hope that sovereign governments will suddenly start implementing solutions that constructively address the economic, energetic and environmental issues we focus on at this site.

But we are still citizens of the countries in which we live. There is a political mechanism (however broken) for effecting change through our voting power and our civic involvement.

In this week's podcast, Chris talks with Marianne Williamson, a first-time Congressional candidate from California about the options available to us. This is not an endorsement of Williamson or her political views, but an exploration of the political system with an "outsider" candidate -- one who's observations will likely resonate with many members.

This interview addresses key questions like: What power do we have as a populace to effect change? What change should we be demanding? How should we be demanding it?

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