2014 The Coming Dictatorship

It's almost 2014 and the American Citizens are officially Under Siege by the United States Corporation of America. And the military will continue to enforce anything they are told to do. THEY ARE ENFORCERS FOR THE BIG BOSS MEN.there is a push to use the threat of terrorism as an excuse to slowly eradicate freedom while contrarily leaving the borders wide open. Upon examination, the contradictions don't add up and point to draconianism, not only for the "terrorists" they claim to safeguard the citizenry from but the citizens themselves. the people will keep floundering insisting on peace with nothing but voice, the pigs will keep taking orders, the billionaires will keep scheming thieve the whole planet and the top dominant will keep murdering EVERYBODY. Welcome to Earth. Throw on whatever chains you choose, they're all chains. It's tragic that there are so many people who are still "sleeping." They aren't even going to realize that something is wrong until their front doors gets kicked in and someone gets dragged away.

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