Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on The Daily Show November 4, 2013

Rob Ford and Toronto are featured on The Daily Show with John Stewart on November 4, 2013. As usual it is for totally positive, completely innocuous reasons.

BREAKING (2013-11-05 16:30): Rob Ford has "apologized" for smoking crack. Vows to stay on as Mayor and run again. Refuses to resign, take leave of absence, or in any way recover or heal. Refuses to apologize fro lying, obfuscating, misleading.
BREAKING (2013-11-05 15:30): Vice is reporting that Amin Massoudi, on Fords behalf, offered a hacker $200,000 + a 10% bonus to retrieve and delete the vdieo:
BREAKING (2013-11-05 13:30): Justice Ian Nordheimer has ruled that wiretap evidence relating to Rob Ford will be released to the media.
BREAKING (2013-11-05 12:30): Rob Ford has admitted that he smoked crack cocaine.

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