The Pope Slams "Tyranny" of Capitalism and "Idolatry of Money,"

Pope Francis has used his first major written work to attack capitalism as a "new tyranny," while urging global leaders to fight poverty and inequality. In a document published Tuesday, Pope Francis denounced the 'idolatory of money' and "trickle-down" economic policies, as well as consumerism and a financial system which he says rules rather than serves. The Pope urged politicians to guarantee all citizens "dignified work, education and healthcare." However, the Pope rejected change in two other areas: the ordination of women to the priesthood and the church's view on abortion. We speak to two dissident priests. Matthew Fox is former Catholic priest who was first stopped from teaching Liberation Theology and Creation Spirituality, then expelled from the Dominican Order. Father Ray Bourgeois is a Catholic priest and the founder of the School of Americas Watch.

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