Ron Paul ~ Obamacare: We Should Have The Right To Opt Out

You just have to look at it from the right perspective.
The bankers want more of our money to pay toward the ever-increasing interest on the debt we can never repay. So they cook up Obamacare and force everyone to buy worthless insurance plans and funnel that money through their insurance companies, that they own. If you don't comply, their collection goons (the IRS) will extract it from you.

This works because they spend million / billions on propaganda campaigns to brainwash you into thinking this is "for your own good". They're "just trying to help the little people". They "care" about you.
And if you're not on board with getting fleeced, then you just hate poor people. You hate Obama because he's black. You're an extremist. You're a terrorist. You're a freedom-hating anti-American tea-bagging dirtbag.
Who could possibly be against such a wonderful gift to humanity as Obamacare?

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