Thursday, November 28, 2013

PROPHECY ALERT: Iran 5.6 Quake Near Nuke Plant 7 Dead

Just 40 miles from the Nuke Plant at Bushehr a 5.6 Quake hits Iran as God sends a warning

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  1. Today there is no evidence that natural disasters are part of a master plan to punish mankind. As a God of justice, Jehovah has never ‘swept away the righteous with the wicked.’ (Genesis 18:23, 25) He made provision for those who were obedient to him. Today natural disasters afflict men, women, and children indiscriminately.

    God is not responsible for the misery inflicted on people

    Clearly, current natural disasters do not fit the pattern of divine intervention found in the Scriptures. What is more, these random events are out of harmony with God’s personality. James 1:13 states that God does not try people with evil things, and 1 John 4:8 sums up God’s character in these words: “God is love.” He could never be responsible for the misery inflicted on innocent people by random storms, earthquakes, and similar tragedies.


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