Money Is Not Everything in Life

I guess most of us (almost all of us, me included) have lost the real meaning of life, merely subsisting in a state of comatose..... overwhelmed by the tempting materialistic wants to possess newer things that come into being, having something better than your neighbours, outdoing your colleagues with outlandish display of luxury, wallowing in riches beyond belief - for what? To satisfy your Id? Ego? or Superego? Those are for the more gifted; whilst others are so dumb down that they could not even put two and two together. Yes, we have lost it. The ethical and moral codes that have been cultivated and treasured over the millennium are lost. Perhaps a global reset is due. 

So - Is money everything? I regret to relate that we have all lost the meaning of money; it was and it is "a mean" for exchange of something fundamental that you and I do not have for subsistence. So folks - Back to the fundamentals….

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