Sunday, November 24, 2013

John Stossel ~ End Foreign Aid?

We need to get our house in order and as a taxpayer it is unacceptable that we give foreign countries  moneys, we are weakening our education system to the point where we will become the country that requires aid and there are no countries in the world that have the resources to help us. (or willingness) Our schools need help but our teachers and public workers can convert their pensions to standard 401k plans or maybe even roth iras that still will give teachers an advantage in retirement, because I can not continue to support us, one more thing social security should be paid to only retirees that live in the united states, we need to stop paying the mexican retirees that come to this country and then take their social security payments in Mexico, this is not why we built the social security system.

There are a number of obvious steps that could be taken to reduce spending and boost the American economy. But the coporate meat puppets who run the federal government and control the mainstream media won’t even mention them.
As a biker I’ve been thinking about organizing a ride or rides nationwide centering on the following themes.
1.) Stop tax breaks for companies who offshore jobs. A public reading of the Congress critters who voted against revoking those tax breaks.
2.) A drastic reduction if not an end to foreign aid.
3.) Bring the troops home and secure our borders.
4.) Strong efforts to go after fraud, waste and abuse at all levels of government and government programs,
5.) No more bailouts for the mega corporations.
Thoughts ?

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