Such a perversion of the truth (they) have weaved.
Illuminate urself down the path of light not to what these (people) would LEAD YOU to believe...
Like LAMBS to the slaughter, humanity is marching to there own destruction, so full of fear that little do they know what really lay ahead.
May GOD have mercy on us that are able to see whats really going on.........


  1. Very few churches teach Fathers Word chapter by chapter verse by verse with understanding most teach n preach the traditions of man. ie Adam n Eve ate n apple no apples both Adam n Eve were Beguiled by satan Gen.3:13 2Cor.11:3 look up the word beguiled in a Strong Bible Concordance deceived, seduced in the Hebrew wholly seduced in the greek sexual intercourse Eves firstborn Cain wasn't Adams son he was satans Cains offspring called Kenites hebrew word for children of Cain. Understanding Fathers Truth in the letter He sent us the Bible will amaze you as what you have never been taught. Visit to ShepherdsChapel n give a listen to a lecture if your really looking for some truth.....

  2. Please read Gen ch 4 v. 1 and tell me that you can read that verse and not understand that Eve gave birth to Adam's son. "And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD." If you think what you say is true then the Bible is lying that Adam "knew" Eve and she bare Cain, and that Eve is calling the LORD satan???? The Bible cannot contradict itself? There are many things that a lot of people are deceived about the Bible today, and you keep spreading this info, you are deceiving people. I wish you would stop deceiving people. And as you state at the end of your comment, The Holy Scriptures are where all answers are, not a man, and not a religious organization.

  3. Another thing, anyone can take a verse out of the Bible by itself and say about anything they want to. This is a great example of taking the surrounding verses and the context of those verses together. You could probably be correct just taking your one verse by itself, but Gen ch 4 v.1 proves you wrong, again the Bible cannot contradict itself. You are deceiving people bringing this up all the time, and judgement will not be good.


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