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ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2014 ~ The Riots will soon began

All entitlements will soon be cut off what will you do if you are a recipient of these? As time gets closer to the cut of date even your meds will be cut off can you see this? We getting closer to the time they will now say you will take the mark or you will have nothing my friend who now is your daddy? YHWH God or the Antichrists yes this is where it is. Face it!
Celente Warns: The Collapse of 2014: "If You Don't Have Your Money In Your Pocket It's Not Yours"

12 Shocking Clues About What America Will Look Like When The Next Great Economic Crisis Strikes

DHS Preparing for Nov 1st for Martial Law?

Demonstrators clashed with Italian police on Saturday as tens of thousands marched through Rome to protest against unemployment, government cuts and big construction projects they say take money away from social services.

Swedish riots rage for fourth night

Firefighters Clash With Riot Police In Spain During Austerity Protest

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

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  1. Wow you would think that you can at least learn how to spell and compose simple English sentences..haha


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