American Blackout Just Aired And Now Here Comes The Next Event

Greece is going after the people's pensions and they are tired of being blackmailed by the central banks
austerity program. Germany's poverty rises and Spaniards are leaving the country to find work. The western economy is starting to collapse right in front of our eyes. Israel is using the propaganda that Iran is just 2 weeks away from a nuclear bomb. This is a build up to the next event, American Blackout just aired to prepare the American people for the upcoming cyber attack which will cause a blackout across the country and the government officials will blame it on another country to get WWIII started.


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  2. No worries now that the NSA is spying on all forms of communication. They will know it all and will be able to handle or get the agencies needed to prevent whatever. If it fails then we shall know for sure it is not doing its job and its true function is not security at all.


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