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RUSH LIMBAUGH ~ This Economy is Artificially Propped Up

What really worries me is that corporations are buying back billions upon billions of dollars of their own what end? compare the 2001 budget with the current budget numbers. Hang on the next three to five years might get interesting.

I think the reason the Fed backed away from "tapering" this week is because the powers that be were hoping to do it behind the new war with Syria. When that got pushed back because their false flag was exposed, they needed to back away. One thing is important to understand, and it is disappointing that this writer did not point this out. THERE IS NO DEBT! The fed PRINTS money to buy our debt. If we owe them anything, give them back the same worthless paper they gave us. Money is an instrument used to represent labor. If there is no labor attached to the money(printed/created out of thin air, it is not money. If there exist an actual debt of labor, such debts are easily forgiven. They took OUR gold in 1933. WE OWE NOTHING!

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