Friday, September 27, 2013

Kenyan Mall Hoax The Camera Man Can - Max Malone

This is obviously faked. Africans are emotional, so they knew how to best override their common sense. Come on, how does a camera man have the skill to take perfect shots of a woman and her three children hiding from terrorists?!! Think people, think!! Sandy Hook massacre even has video clips of the actors prepping to go into character. This was staged because they are pressuring everyone to bend over and accept the UN Gun Grab!

Max Malone is a true leader in the truth movement he is a painful sore in the eyes of the NWO. If you need help with your critical thinking skills Max is the man you want to listen to. It all started with the staged mass shootings Columbine was their warmup before massive funding increase with the creation of the DHS. Nobody dies or gets hurt in these drills the public is being deceived on a mass scale it's time to wake people. RESISTANCE IS VICTORY

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  1. Love the video.❇ Too bad they took max Malone off.


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