How you Can Help Kickstart WWIII | Think Tank

Abby Martin speaks to Tyler Alexander of SecondCity about their viral comedy sketch pleading for people to fund WWIII via Kickstarter.

A dark comedy that could soon become a nightmare? Hopefully not! Evildoers thrive by projecting fear... The true fear is Americans and people through out the World being brainwashed or living zombies. Not being able to distinguish right from wrong, Perverted with obscene and illicit images, suffocated with hallucinogenic substances and drowning into depression. To sum up all that: Well through wars you create jobs with the reconstruction; Immorality/Substance abuses = one is inept... It should NEVER matter what political party, nationality, religion, or any other False Flag Affiliation, that elite psychopath minions use to manipulate the masses with. What's evil is evil, no matter what excuse is given. The rules of life could be so simple, if people weren't traumatized, hypnotised & brainwashed from cradle to grave, by a divide & conquer Elstablishment system of parasitic racketeering & extortion.

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