Alan Grayson on Syria War! "We Are NOT the World's Policeman!" "Nor Judge Jury And Executioner!"

Doctors without Borders was founded by Judeo-French neocon ex-Foreign Minister of France who organized the overthrow of Qaddafi a couple of years ago, Bernard Kouchner.
Kouchner practically 'wrote the book' on so-called humanitarian interventionism. And has been pushing every such type of war, from Bosnia, to Ruanda, Darfur, Iraq, and all the others. He was the guy whom the UN delegated authority to in ex-Yugoslavia, and who concretely ethnically purified Bosnia (as there was obviously never going to be the beginning of stability if the populations stayed mixed as they were - 20 years later, 90% of young Bosnians want to flee, and the UN is still there).

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