Saturday, August 31, 2013

Krauthammer: Obama boxed himself in and now he's looking for a way out of attacking Syria

The wheels are falling off this President's wagon so fast. Time for Washington to undergo a MAJOR spring clean. Come on Americans! Show the world how clearing out the rats from a sinking ship should really be done; expose and remove the treasonous commie this buffoon has surrounded himself with.

8/31/13 - In a short speech just a few moments ago Obama announced he will seek congressional authority on attacking Syria even though he believes he has the authority to go ahead with strike. But Charles Krauthammer said that it was astonishing the lack of urgency he displayed, suggesting he could carry out this attack in the next week or the next month. "This is amateur hour," Krauthammer said, and if you were sitting in Syria, Iraq, or Moscow watching this speech, then it looked like Obama was looking for a way out of striking Syria after he had boxed himself in.

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