BREAKING! U.S Set For Syria Strike This Weekend (World War 3)

world war 3 us warships Syria possible strike. Israel on standby. Obama green light for launch

Skull and Bones Kerry is just another Globalist meatpuppet. He ran in 2004 to make sure his dunderhead fellow Bonesman Bush got back in without real opposition. Just like how McLame and Romneycare insured Bathhouse Barry's easy insertion into the White Hut.Kerry doesn't care a hoot about the innocent children killed in this horrible war or he would have stopped the cia sponsored al qaeda terrorists from launching the poison gas against the women and children. In fact he will soon be responsible for the murder of thousands of people when the US attacks a nation that in no way poses any threat to America. Kerry is pro abortion, like Biden, and Pelosi, they are members of the false Vatican II Roman church that says it is against abortion and unjust wars, but remains silent when these murdering pro abortionist elite politicians promote war and abortion.

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