Racial Tension In America Escalating since the Zimmerman verdict

The racial divide on the streets of America since the Zimmerman verdict has escalated. So much that the President weighed in with an unannounced speech on the subject. He surprised many with his portrayal of young African-American men. Dr. Samuel L Wright Sr, Retired Director of Multicultural Affairs at USF is my guest to discuss this important subject. Are racial discrimination and profiling the same thing? How can we change the portrayal of young black men as well as their experience and outcomes?


  1. Another Reason why Racial Tensions are on the rise is when Whites like Malcolm who try to play the "Good White" say things like "He had drugs in his system." Or, when he says in his over authoritative loud White voice rudely interrupting Dr. Wright "Who knows what happens?" "Why is this even a Racial Issue?"

    We're tired of Whites who try to make excuses for this case, and make excuses for that Racist Beast Zimmerman who needs to be hanged on the highest branch.

    It's strange how Whites don't want Blacks to be able to defend themselves, but they want Blacks to be "responsible for their actions"- when it is Whites who are the least Responsible for their Actions Themselves, and have a well established track record for being the least Responsible for their Actions.

    Malcolm is typical of the Naïve Whites.

    He thinks that one day Americans will magically stop discriminating against Blacks especially Black Males. Did you know that Black Males under the age of 35 with a College Degree have the same Unemployment Rate as Black Males under 35 who are high school dropouts? Malcolm is right about Education being a poor substitute for the family unit, but what he doesn't realize is that Education is also a poor substitute for success as well. The inconvenient truth is- the Media and the policy leaders fail to talk about how Black Males who do the right thing, get educated are still being disrespected and discriminated against, because the media and the policy leaders are in the back pockets of the Global Elite who are purposely trying to create a class of permanently unemployed and underemployed people with a college degree so desperate for jobs in order to depress the wages of the professional classes in this country. They did it to the Blacks first, and now they are beginning to do it with the Whites. Remember, America is the Sun that shines on this world, while Blacks are its Nuclear Fuel. Blacks set the trends for everything as Blacks are the test beds for any product, any agenda, etc... "If Blacks are doing it, then it must be cool," and that's how things get done in America.

    America needs Race Based policy geared to push Blacks to a certain obtainable goal, and once this goal is reached by Race Based policy can end. Of course that's not going to happen, and as a result the Racial resentment and anger due to all of the cause and effects of the Global Elite Satanic Agenda will eventually destroy America in a Racial Armageddon that makes Rwanda look like Disneyworld.

    - The Black Man

  2. Does no one remember the South Bronx?....Does no one remember Watts?... Does no one remember New Orleans? etc., etc.,... Does no one remember Detroit?.. At the first sign of displeasure, Blacks destroy their own communities. Thanks to the likes of "Ratface" Sharpton, "Mumbles IQ" Jackson, the "beige queen" and their ilk, race relations have been set back five decades, back before Rev Martin Luther King's successful "I have a dream" speech (He must be twisting in his grave). The ONLY "dreams" the "beige queen" is familiar with are those of his 'make believe' Kenyan Father who worked as an advisor to Mau-Mau uprising leader Jomo Kenyatta (which is why Obama hates the British)...and the "bq's" real Father, Frank Marshall Smith, who introduced the "bq's" trollop mother to pornography after she abandoned the "bq" in the care of her communist parents. If it wasn't for 'foreign student visa's" and "Affirmative Action" 'leg-ups',...the "bq" would probably still be experimenting in drugs and homosexual encounters (Why, HE could have been "OJ's Son...).....

    1. I can't believe how many blacks are still saying that whites are the racist.I'm not a racist but this government is making me realize that we can not do anything without being a racist.i have been a target of racism on several occasions.growing up in a mostly black and Mexican hood.my skin made me a target but I guess that's not racist.i don't remotely understand why the race card is still such a great problem.we have a black president who obviously without s doubt is trying to pit race against race for some unknown reason.he has a plan that is truly as evil as Hitler did.these are just facts.he is using drones for use in many cities to get information on everyone whether they are doing wrong or not.just passed a.bill to let this happen.he is trying to unarm us.that will never happen.and now the white people are still not being fair to black people although they have just as much opportunities as whites do.maybe more well now for sure
      .when will the race card not be pulled.face it most blacks do not like whites for no reason.i have black friends and still I am a racist.with a little push from the government and all the other factions that say they are unfairly treated.makes me positive not a doubt in my mind that soon you will finally get your race war.it's obviously what our citizens and surely our government wants.all I can say is we must be taking the proper steps to protect our families from being murdered block by block.talk with your neighbors and find out what they are gonna do to protect themselves and family.if you don't at least try to be a good citizen then when it starts in the near future.you were sold on the news .about whites being nothing but racist no matter what you have done your whole life black or not sorry those days are. Over.and it is so so sad.


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