Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pastor Manning ~ Trayvon Martin had the munchies and was paranoid before he was shot by George Zimmerman

Trayvon Martin had the munchies and was paranoid before he was shot by George Zimmerman. Recorded on 13 July 2013
Pastor Manning really got into the roots as to why people pull that race card, in their black minds everybody is going coon-hunting and if they happen to be white now they just blow it up and label it all on account of race, regardless what witness testimony, police or investigators say. & while 80% murders of black on black go unsolved in Chicago, a man who has been acquitted and proved innocent still has them pulling race cards
This case was a mess from start to finish. I figured the verdict would put it to rest, but nope. I just hope and pray no one else is hurt over it. Enough already.


  1. This guy is a Black Satanic hustler and a charlatan.

    I used to be a hoodie Boy and now I'm a Hoodie Man. I see the future in my dreams. Groups like Al Sharpton's National Action, Jesse Jackson's Rainbow-PUSH Coalition, and Ben Jealous's NAACP will be gone in the future. You call these people Race Hustlers, etc.. today, but in the future YOU WILL WISH THAT YOU HAD THESE GROUPS AROUND AS THE ONLY BLACK GROUP YOU'LL BE DEALING WITH IS THE NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY. You think today's Race Wars of Race War III are something, wait until the Racial, Social, and Economic Disparities get so bad that a Race War will go from War to Outright Revolution. Wait until the New Black Panthers organize "Kill Whitey Squads," and the young Blacks will listen to them too, because there will be no Liberal or even Moderate Black voice to redirect that anger into something Anti-Racist as: the White Liberals have sold them out, the Moderate and Liberal Black Groups have sold themselves out to the Global Elite, the powers that be have crushed the Independent Black sensible voices, and the White Conservatives along with their Slave Negroes have smeared these groups to oblivion.

    You'll regret listening to Uncle Tom Race Hustlers and Slave Negroes like: Elder, Manning, Peterson, Sowell, Williams, Thomas, etc..

    I thought Gerald Celente was an Ass when he hated on you guys for putting this stuff up on your site, but now I see his point. I'm starting to believe this site is an Undercover Racist site. This is why your Libertarian and Conservative Movement is dead.

    Enjoy this brewing Black American Spring (Race War III), and Enjoy the future Racial Armageddon in 10-20 years or so where: New Black Panthers direct young Blacks to form "Kill Whitey Squads," Racist Mexican AZATLANs direct young Mexicans to "Hack up those White Boys," and Skinheads and KKK Direct Young Whites to "Go Coon and Wetback hunting."

    Look at Nazi Germany, Eastern Europe, Rwanda, and other societies post Economic and Social Collapse. Societies with long standing unsolved Racial and Ethnic Tensions always dump Liberal and Moderate Voices in favor of Racist Extremists, and voila= GENOCIDE.

    The same will happen to America. You will rue the day you wanted these Liberal and Moderate Race Men to go.

    1. P.S. I used to be a New Black Panther Member when they were first starting out back in the early 2000s. Before they showed their fangs, and became the monsters they have become. If you think they are bad now wait another 10 years. You will be begging for the NAACP to come back.

      - The Black Man


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