Benjamin Fulford July 22 2013 - Long hot summer a prelude to more action in the fall

Benjamin Fulford
To understand what is going on now, look back at the fall of the Soviet Union. While in retrospect it seems like it happened overnight, at the time it seemed to take forever. First there were strikes at a Polish shipyard and other troubles that went on for months before suddenly the Polish Communist government fell
The printing press will not stop. The federal reserve is meeting with the banking houses of Europe in August to adjust rates and details.
All of the congress and government is ILLEGITIMATE. I don't know what part of this people do not understand. If a government who was given power to REPRESENT you does NOT represent you, then you have a hostile takeover of that government by a foreign entity. That IS what has happened in the U.S. The united States has no valid government at the moment. They have an illusion pretending to be government. Actors and puppets

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