Bankruptcy or Taxation without Representation

In government, the trend so far seems to indicate that vested interests much prefer "Taxation without Representation," as opposed to reformative bankruptcy. "The State" can tax to absurdity because the culture has been trained to accept anything. What kind of productive framework is there to reorganize into? Nothing!

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  1. You are a charlatan my friend. The Shoreham nuclear plant is in Suffolk County, NOT NASSAU ! The Long Island Lighting Company in Hicksville, NY (or whatever it's called now) is where failed Republican politicians go to die (along with the lottery association)..... Bankruptcy??? Is NOT the answer for Nassau County... Politicians (and 'wannabe' politicians) have continued to "pick the Nassau carcase clean" and should be publically 'tarred & feathered" (in the manner of Samuel Adams "Colonial justice" and run out of town on the LIRR rail. I don't know who you are....but you're hiding behind a "Libertarian label" and a true Libertarian would not continue to aid and foment Nassau's destruction. You Sir are a classic political @zzwhype opportunist.


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