Alex Jones Show ~ Dr. Paul Craig Roberts : Friday (7-26-13)

Alex Jones Show: Friday (7-26-13) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig RobertsOn this Friday, July 26 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex tallies up even more government-bought ammo in the continuing federal arms build-up. Now the U.S. Army is stockpiling millions of America's favorite calibers not even used by NATO in a process that will no doubt raise the price of ammo to unprecedented heights. Political suppression is no longer constrained to drab IRS offices as college students wearing "Tea Party" t-shirts are denied entry to hear Obama speak on their campus. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under the Reagan Administration and a prolific writer, joins the show to talk to Alex about how the ultra-elite has completely hi-jacked our republic and continue to cut free the rest of the constitutional restraints which hold back unlimited control. Alex will also take your calls and answer your questions throughout the broadcast.

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