The Terrifying Future of The United States

The Terrifying Future of The United States

Well we know that Agenda21 has been sending our jobs overseas.the evil elite will destroy us from within.. Rosi Kori’s Behind the green mask book is a good read.. The Obama care survival guide by Wayne Allen Root is a excellent read as well.. What I see is a bombardment of frequencys that hurt us,Chemtrail spraying is contaminating our food and water.. Drugs in water.. There is so much going on to hurt us.. What a shame.. GMO food is another.. We will not live as long as our parents did.. Turn the mind controll TV off,you will feel better in a month or so.. Use Toms Of Maine flouride free toothpaste.. R/O the water at least.. No vaccines.. Good organic vitimans & mineralls.. Our food is depleted because of over farmed soil. You can do a lot to keep yourself healthy.. Myself, I am just looking for a quality life.. Not a sick one.. When it’s your time,it’s your time.. Their is so much you can do.. Grow your own in a greenhouse. Canning.. Get back to the mother earth.. Turn the Facebook drama off and get out and do something..You are the difference,if you want to get it it’s there for you.. Life is really easy. Why does everyone make it so hard.. I work a 44 or 48 hour week for work. 20 hrs at my own business,and have time to keep everything up in the house.. 4 kids and all the toys.. No one is going to give you anything good.. Get out and make your dreams come true.. Don’t stop trying.. I’ve had setbacks but I learn and keep on plugging away.. My family of 22 years is a team.. Helping out makes life easy.. Than it’s play time.. Boats ,flying, quads, ect.. With the power of love not the love of power. There is nothing we cannot do..

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  1. Good to read comments like this! Sounds like this guy has a good balance to it all, by being properly informed! This is the key to it really, think as an individual, seek non MSM information, take responsibility for your own health & well-being. Create your destiny not that of another's agenda, Do what you love to do and the money follows! Like this guy... then you can have what's important and a few play things along the way!


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