Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Snowden leak claims NSA spies on EU Diplomats

Even more scathing reports of US surveillance are emerging from Germany - courtesy of Edward Snowden. Der Spiegel magazine is reporting that they've seen a top secret US document - outlining how the country's intelligence bugged EU offices and spied on the bloc's internal computer networks. RT's Peter Oliver is in Berlin with more on this latest leak. RT is also joined by Lode Vanoost - former deputy speaker of the Belgian parliament.

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  1. Well what is anyone doing to pull this American Government into line, has anyone been taken to justice? NO. They are out of control and trust nobody, this needs to be taken further but America controls everything and what do we do just suck it up.This Government is out of control and out of touch they are working for their "bankster" masters who scarily control the worlds biggest military power. Ask the real questions jail the lot of them, if I where a citizen of America I would be very afraid of what lies ahead.


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