JOHN HOGUE 2013 : The Future Has Arrived, So What Does It Mean?

For the first time in years, there are no fake apocalyptic predictions on the horizon. So what IS going to happen next? John Hogue combines his careful analysis of the world around us with his oracle to make some provocative suggestions. After a year absence, John Hogue returns to his traditional January predictions on Dreamland. This year at last, there are no more fake apocalyptic disasters to worry about, so what's to look forward to in 2013, and what's to worry about?

John uses a combination of traditional analysis and his own oracle to predict the future, as well as interpretations of the writings of Nostradamus. Over the years, he's had hits and misses, but the hits far outnumber the misses, and 2013 is likely to be no exception to this rule. Find out what John thinks, what his oracle predicts, and whether or not any of Nostradamus' predictions may point to the new year.

Whatever happens, John will return in July to talk about how his January predictions are faring in our infamous 'feet to the fi

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies John Hogue

re' summer visit.

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  1. John Hogue is a hack. He gets hardly anything right.


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