Is The NSA Snowden Case Is a Huge Distraction From World War 3 ?

Several prominent voices in the alternative media are speculating that former CIA analyst and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden could be a double agent whose revelations are only serving to distract from the much bigger issue of the imminent escalation of the war in Syria. Both Paul Watson and Alex Jones do not think he is a double agent, we present this information to get you to think for yourself. A diversion, probably, a double agent? Probably not.

 From the spying on US citizens that have been going on for more then a decade, to the escalation of Syria. Also the Snowden case has already shown that China and Russia are very anti-American right now for a reason that hasn't been released thoroughly. Things are starting to fall into place, not WW3, but a cold war is possible if things keep going as they are

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