Glenn Beck Explains Why World War III Could Be on the Horizon

World War 3 - TheBlazeTV - The Glenn Beck Program - 2013.06.04 : In World War 3, what are the three groups that Glenn believes will be vying for control? The Caliphate, The Controllers, and the Survivors.

Unfortunately he is as right, and it doesnt take a genius to realize that the middle east plays an intricate part in todays economy. The world has become so heavily reliant on them it would mean diaster if they decided to shut out the world from their rich oil spoils and resources. A newer cleaner source of energy is the solutions, but we all know they arent going to let that happen, too many billions at stake.


  1. Beck, REALLY, what do you believe in? It was reported recently that you converted to "Chrislam." If this is true, BOY ARE YOU IN TROUBLE! Islam is the religion of Satan, plain and simple. Does "Sharia Law" ring a bell?

  2. All religion is a control mechanism, be it Catholicism,Islam,Baptist, Scientology,Jehovah, Seven Day Adventist and many more. The message of the man Jesus embodied by the Christ spirit was one of love, sharing and belief in the Father. I can achieve that at home without a Priest, evangelist, pastor or Imam telling me how I have to live. Looks like I am going to lose my head.

  3. the problem here is that, all are on a confusion path, reality is created by your mind to you, however when the mind malfunctions reality becomes a distortion, because perception as it is process by the brain gives erroneous answers. therefore we got a continuous chaos, however this chaos is not the end times the rapture or Sunni predictions but rather the components of the brain no longer communicate properly with the mind. is more a unknown problem, the cause can be culture, the climatic realm, the economy, as it could be the solar system itself, or the earth core that is wondering! humans are a machine that possesses a mind that is a link between the conscious energy and the brain, the brain is hand device tool of the body, the mind is what allows the brain to understand reality's dimensions, and allows humans to evolve.


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