Egypt On Brink : Millions Set To Riot 3 Dead 85 Hurt America

Egypt on edge ahead of rival rallies : Mohammad Morsi "Fierce King" In the bible is hated as protest turn deadly and 3 die 85 hurt. An American Jewish man also killed
An American teacher and an Egyptian journalist were killed in Egypt as clashes erupted during rival demonstrations by tens of thousands of people for and against President Mohamed Morsi a year after his election. AFP reported that at least three people have been killed in the protests in total, with tensions rising ahead of a mass opposition rally planned for Sunday. The US citizen, a 21-year-old who reportedly worked for an American cultural centre in the coastal city of Alexandria, was killed on Friday as

Egypt is on edge hours before thousands of opponents and supporters of President Mohamed Morsi mark his first year in power. On the eve of the anniversary, 22 million are said to have signed a petition against the president. Morsi met with the heads of Islamic parties and the interior and defence ministers ahead of the rival rallies. Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal reports from the capital, Cairo.


  1. American democracy at work again, just what is the plan of the bastardized American Government and it's controllers.


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