2013 The Crash of the US Housing Market - US Economic Predictions

The second wave of mortgage defaults and foreclosures will hit the economy this year
More mortgage defaults, more foreclosures coming soon .The mortgage crisis that's far from over, with a second wave of expected defaults on the way that could deepen the bottom of the U.S. recession.Abolish the private FED federal reserve.Since 1913 they have destroy the country.They have create wars,depressions and brought poverty to America,their final goal in total destruction .It is a crying shame, they used taxpayers money to bailed out the bankers and the investors in the tune of trillions of dollars, yet not one dime is given to bailed out the taxpayers allowing them to stay in their homes. What a evil country we live in, no wonder why cities are stocking up with military grade weapons to be use against the people when the people starts to turn on them.Get out of Dollars and the US Stock Market. There is going to be a run on the dollar soon as China becomes a net seller of treasuries instead of a net buyer like they are currently. They just announced a 600b bailout of their own, how do you think they will pay for it? Dump their 1Trillion plus in US treasuries. The game is up

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  1. And so it begins, the Elite's plan finally taking shape. I for one will not lay down and take this, Banksters are nothing but criminals and need to be put to the sword.


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