Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wake Up Call 2013

Through fear, they hold a gun to our heads demanding if we want peace we have to put an end to our own nationhood and country because of the threat of nuclear war or nuclear annihilation. They tell us resistance is futile and that we must join the NEW world order under control of THEIR government and that's exactly what we're letting them do, DEFEAT us without one shot fired and without even defending ourselves. Who is behind it? The prince of this world; Satan. I'm not saying our current governments are GODD. What I AM saying is that the coming world government will be consolidated down into one centralized control mechanism that will make it much easier to literally control the entire world, which is what the antichrist will do and I'm afraid to be perfectly candid with you, that we are already under complete control of world government and that the only thing left of our national governments is an empty husk, simply left for appearance so that you and I will believe everything is still ok. One of my channel's themes is "Stop Globalization". Can we really stop it? No. The Bible says we can not stop what is coming, but it also says we Christians are the salt of the earth and that we should stand against the wiles of devil. Not just go along with it willingly. This is a battle. Warn everyone. Show them these facts. Lead them to the Bible

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  1. The Big Test is soon to come upon us. Are you ready for it, have you been studying the Bible or just listening to the traditions of man taught in most churches today. Take a few minutes n give a listen to Pastor Murray @ShepherdsChapel for Fathers Truth is taught there chapter by chapter verse by verse with understanding a child can absorb, so you will be ready in your mind for the Big Deception soon to be cast from Heaven to this earth as you can read in Rev.12:6-9..


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