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The Alex Jones Show: Holland VanDenNieuwenhof : Friday, May 10 2013

The Alex Jones Show:(VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday, May 10 2013: Holland VanDenNieuwenhof

On this Friday, May 10 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex runs down the latest information and provides cutting edge analysis on the fast-moving and explosive Benghazigate story that threatens to take down the Obama administration. Alex examines what the cover-up will look like and what stunt Obama will pull to divert attention away from the criminal activity and murderous complicity of the government. On today's show, Alex talks about Benghazi, false flags and other relevant topics with Holland Vandennieuwenhof, the writer and producer for A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995, a full-length documentary examining the Oklahoma City bombing


  1. one of the problems here is perception, reality, as mr:Holland mention, the most powerful army on history, is a rhetoric that creates an illusion, as if that was true, then why is america and americans in such a poor state of mind and health, you see what you do the lot of you create an illusion of an invincible USA, them on the other hand want to change the invincible US, as well on top of that the invincible exist on chaos and poverty, insane rules and inexplicable laws, irrational government as counterproductive results such as all wars have never created something tangible but death, and poverty. totally illogical and moreover, suicidal. even the zionist policies are suicidal. it looks as if the aim is self destruction somehow, from the most powerful army on history it has decided to kill himself and those around.

  2. have a look at gladiator the film,(ridley scott) the emperor represents the empire, his mind represent who rules the empire, maximus represents integrity, honesty, aurelius represent what the empire was. in the end a psychotic emperor is killed by maximus, the slave, gladiator, the emperor dies, the empire collapses. that is a description of america. america has 3 millions soldiers 10% are men the rest are useless sissies, taliban has the same amount however 10% are sissies and 90% are men, so you do understand why the american military is a piece of crap, they got no men on the nation just, somewhat corrupt cowards,that's why they have lost in vietnam and everywhere else. is the best equipped machine, but the lowest in mentality and courage, real men.. now remember the emperor he killed the only general that was able to save the empire, Maximus, and killed any other men around left of the 10% that had any value, meaning washington destroys anyone of value. like your navy seal boys. after the event Rome continue its collapse and never recuperated. likewise it is impossible to save america as they have put their value on drones and financial schemes, not men and integrity, not minds and intelligence. play attention to the film and understand how rome conquered the crowds. look with discernment, acuity. and realise is too late for america north america is over exactly like the roman empire. israel is the same 10% real men who are eliminated and 90 % of corrupt hypocrites. so israel will be destroyed just like rome, they got weapons and nukes but no, man, no heart no integrity no human value. in fact barbarians, as well americans have being transform into hypnotized barbarians. canada is following the trend.. now this is reality now.


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