Friday, May 31, 2013

Recession, Global Economy, Economic Collapse, Gold Market

Recession, Global Economy, Economic Collapse, Gold Market

When president roosevelt made the welfare system it was to help prevent what happen in the great depression, where many people didnt have basic foods to eat. for the last twenty years many people who are not even americans took advantage of the system. is it the gov’t responsibility to feed three hundred million people? although its less then one percent of the U.S. budget, frankly it makes a nation weak. many countries in latin america, india, china, russia, etc do not have a welfare system nor a high jail population for that matter. it is clear that many americans are also retiring to other countries. people all over the world are relocating for better opportunities… we all know the economy is connected to food stamps, crime, caste positions, sucess and failure. we live in a world build around the dollar which is going down and everything connected to the dollar will fall … is made to crash. we abanded our system for theirs.

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