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Obama is the "Lord of the flies." All those flies around Obama is not just a coincidence. It is the Lord pointing out the one who is Beelzebub, the Lord of the flies. Now if he is the first or the second beast of Revelation, you decide. I personally believe that Obama is the first beast
but I do not pretend to have a meeting with Him in the morning. I only can reveal from the Scriptures and I can not be 100% certain without a shadow of a doubt that he is the first or in this presentation, the second beast but he sure is one beast of Revelation and this is extremely important to understand that.


  1. God our Heavenly Father is still in control of what goes on on the earth He Created. Obama is president for a reason, what we do know from Fathers Word is that before Jesus Christ Returns to this earth theres no rapture satan when cast out of Heaven to the earth Rev. 12:9 at the 6th Trump will claim hes Jesus n most will wonder n worship him. For our Lord Jesus Christ Comes at the 7th Trump n we'll be changed in a twinkle of n eye back in our spirit bodies. Pastor Murray @ShepherdsChapel teaches Fathers Word chapter by chapter verse by verse where you Understand how n why things will go down as we come to the end of this 2nd earth age.

  2. Quite a lengthy email making the rounds making the case that Obama is, and has always been, a homosexual. There was always the rumor, however Chicagoans claims to have always known that he and Rahm Emanual used to make the rounds of gay clubs right up to when Obama began to campaign for the Presidency; Friends doubted he would be successful because he wouldn't be able to keep his sexual proclivities secret for long...

  3. There are a problem with the video makers Biblical scholarship. Satan does not impersonate Christ. The man of sin (aka: the antichrist) does that. The Antichrist and the False prophet are separate and distinct from Satan. This is very clear as the false prophet and the antichrist are thrown into the lake of fire alive but Satan is bound 1000 years. Next, Obama does not fit the description of the Antichrist. Obama is a bumbling fool who has zero respect internationally and in fact the world is is laughing at the US because of this fool. It is true that has a sprit of antichrist, this is clearly demonstrated by his hostility to Christianity and Christian values but he is not THE AC. The AntiChrist will deceive the entire world, Obama has only deceived some in the US. As for the false prophet, while there is an argument that the final pope will be the False Profit, there is a curious reference in scripture that suggests that neither the antichrist or the false prophet will be human. Both are thrown into the lake of fire alive. This might suggest that they are immortal (ie:fallen angels). The fact that they work miracles and have supernatural powers reinforces this idea and adds to this. I think it is unwise to and too early to assign the rolls of AC and false prophet yet. The Bible gives clear descriptions of what each will do and until they fulfill those prophecies no one will know for sure.


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