Friday, May 31, 2013

Bitcoin vs Fiat: The Future

Félix Moreno interviews Tuur Demeester, editor of the Macrotrends ( and author of the paper The Gloom of Central Banking.

Tuur expresses his fears about an increase in bail-ins within the banking sector, which would put depositors' funds at risk. All investors should be aware of this risk -- though for obvious reasons, governments are loath to be too upfront about this risk.

Felix and Tuur then discuss the bad health of global currencies and possible effects of the recent rise in Japanese bond yields. Tuur argues that this may herald the beginnings of competitive currency devaluations.

Alternatives to the fiat system and how people may protect themselves from counterparty risk are discussed. The advent of crypto currencies and the widely debated pros and cons of Bitcoin are addressed amid a broader discussion about the future nature of money.

This podcast was recorded on the 30 May 2013.

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