2013: Let the Second American Revolution Begin

The Beginning of The 2nd American Revolution
I've said for years now that the American Revolution first step is for ALL to stop funding the DC dictatorship-stop paying the illegal UN -Constitutional taxes.America was established a no-tax nation.The Lincoln created IRS is an illegal entity,created to be the pitbull for DC to extort money from the public.IF everyone stopped paying ALL taxes, govt at all levels would fold and the people can rebuild it to their own benefit-that is what govt is suppose to be for-the benefit of the people.

The Revelation of how Sovereign man is enslaved through Trickery and Deceit by the Courts of Our Land. The solution of a peaceful, bloodless Second American Revolution which allow WE, the American People to take back control over our Country and our lives by Demanding our fictional Courts show us the Law, show us their JURISDICTION over us, the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood,, Sentient, Natural Men and Women of America.

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