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On April 27, 2011, while driving east on US Route 175 in Texas, David Wilkerson crossed into the westbound lane and collided head-on with a tractor trailer. He died. I believe he was murdered because he refused to become apart of the Ecumenical Movement with the Vatican.


  1. "I believe he (David Wilkerson) was murdered because he refused to become part of the Ecumenical movement of the Vatican." Really, why would the Vatican try and make Mr. Wilkerson part of ANY movement when David wasn't even Catholic? You are SERIOUSLY barking up the wrong tree!!! And constant negative talk about the Catholic Church is a GRAVE SIN, so you had better check your soul there pods!

  2. Yes, yes, yes. Sex is the sin that will bring Amerika to it's knees. Loose morality is going to bring about earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanoes and great cosmic changes. Are you Mad!!!!??? Of course you are God doesn't approve of sex. Well, if you got laid once in a while perhaps you would come to like sex. If God didn't approve of sex why would it be necessary to reproduce? With all due respect.....Fuck off.

  3. So much confusion n division today brother against brother children against their parents there is no famine for food look around you to much junk food. The Real famine in this world today is for our Fathers Word being chapter by chapter verse by verse with understanding. When the AntiChrist comes you will know it for it will be the one entity that has always wanted to be God from that first earth age when he convinced 1/3 of Gods Children to follow him to overthrow God our Heavenly Father that Created all His Children even Luccifer(satan)we were all in spirit bodies in that 1st earth age only the animals were flesh mortal that could die. Father not wanting to Kill or Destroy His Children that followed satan He destroyed that 1st earth age. Well were in the 2nd earth age now man being born thru the water by woman to decide who they will follow God or satan. Father doesn't make things complicated man does with his traditions. Take easter for example a word only found one time in the Book of Acts a miss tranlation from the Greek word Pasel meaning Passover. Looking up the word easter in a Websters College Dictionary you will find it to be a pagan fertility festival do you honestly believe your Heavenly Father who Created you would want you on that High Holy Day rolling n looking for painted eggs. Getting back and we are Very Close to the Returning of our Lord Jesus Christ at that 7th Trump when He Returns on that White Horse Coming King of Kings n Lord of Lords at that instant we are changed back into our Spiritual Body. That false messiah the AntiChrist appears at the 6th Trump Rev.12:9 that will be satan himself when hes cast from Heaven to the earth. But not as the devil when he appears in Jerusalem he'll be claiming hes Jesus. Oh he'll be Very convincing snapping his fingers lightning coming down, so peacabily don't worry bout a thing then he'll heal the Deadly Wound to the one world government Rev. 13:3 n all will wonder n worship the dragon(satan)playing the role as Jesus except for those who know satan comes before at the 6th Seal,6th Trump 6th Vial 666 easy enough nothing complicated 6 comes before 7. If your looking for Fathers Truth taught chapter by chapter verse by verse with understanding visit ShepherdsChapelBroadbandpage n give a listen to Pastor Murray24/7 . You can feel it in the air their(the Kenites)are setting the worlds stage for the return of satan to decieve those who trust mans word n not Looking for Fathers Truth.


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