Friday, April 26, 2013

Mark Dice on Fox News, Fake Petition Repealing the 6th & 7th Amendments, Dangerous Obama Zombies

This is a product of a hundred years of careful planning. They have successfully created the mind controlled slave, a person with no free will, a robot of the state. First they destroy any chance you have of being free while you are young. Fluoride, vaccination, gmo, prescription drugs, school indoctrination. Nothing that will kill immediately, only to permanently damage. Then once you are fully grown you will never even have the mental ability to know the madness that you are even living in. I blame the sick devils that planned this, not the people themselves that barely stood a chance. It is absolutely disgusting what evils they are concocting. Most people don’t know about anything that is not in their daily ( have to) life. Disabled of critical thinking and disconnected from the bigger picture they are the walking dead… The dummies are everywhere. They are in your workplace, your neighborhood, local police department, county courthouse, hospitals, you name it. And with OPERATION INFRAGARD ramping up through CISPA, one thing we can be sure of and that is this is not going to end well…………….

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