Boston Bombing Hoax ~ How do these Crisis actors get away with this?

The US intelligence agencies CIA, NSA, DIA are the backdoor for the global central bankers and their global government plan. like Satan they do everything in the shadows. they think they’re on the winning team and are too stupid to figure out… it has been decided and revealed long ago… they’re on the losing team they’ve already lost. Mathew 10:28

What do they do, spin these characters out of whole cloth, complete with family and friends and a sorted legend to go with them? Wow.. Hollywood sure has come a long way since the days of silent film and the Metropolis

Search Operation Northwoods – government created, designed plans for false flag terrorism approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff….. we need to fire a large number of this government and those prior who are now golfing in their retirement paid for by taxpayers on big fat federal government pension while most americans suffer economically after their government legacy of torturing and murdering innocent people.

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