World War - QE III...The world is in a Currency World War...MUST WATCH!

In this video you will hear James Rickards the author of Currency wars describe the devastation the last 2 world financial war's caused and how world government's are NOW fighting what will be the most destructive war in history. This was originally made as a financial advice video. He tells how the Federal Reserve and Capitol Hill have intentionally launched a currency war against China, Iran, and much of the world and how they are now retaliating. I know a few " Troofers" will say " Don't listen he works for the Government etc etc, that is exactly why you should listen to him - He is first of all a financial adviser and yes the U.S government has been a client of his. This interview is part of the advice he is now giving to clients on how to "Ride" out the coming storm. When he broke this news last year it sent huge waves of shock through the financial world. - but for some reason the general public are still not very aware of this. - I think this information needs to be put out everywhere. Unfortunately YouTube limit me to 15 min clips (Censorship) so the interview has been heavily edited for upload. FAIR USE - Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.


  1. it looks bad, a nuclear war with north korea will get a nuclear-currency war with china, as with russia as with iran, as with NATO. korea today is the nuclear option, however i would not be that certain of the american military, capabilities, as one things is the trillions spent but a nuclear device is more effective you don't need that many, what would 6, 50 kilotons warheads would do to new york, miami, los angeles and even some other areas, the same to russia, paris, london, all that with, no oil, no food, no power, and ,no clean water,, radioactivity all over. is suicidal, there will be no winner. only losers. in finance in currency and in deaths.

  2. This Machon woman is quite clearly insane!
    1)North Korea is able to put a payload into low earth orbit ergo that payload can be brought down anywhere on the planets surface!
    2) Missiles do not need to be land based they can be hidden in adapted sea borne containers position just a few miles off the enemies coast gives the defense no time to react!
    3) The 23 active Nuclear power plants in South Korea are well withing the range of the Norths military including their nukes so guess what destroy a significant number of these reactors and withing a few days thanks to the winds America is so contaminated with deadly radiation it ceases to be a significant nation in any respect what so ever!

  3. Should North Korea ever actually launch any kind of nuclear event on another nation ie S. Korea or the U.S. then N. Korea would cease to exist due to the retaliatory American Nuclear strike back. Even they must realize that. This is all posturing and hyperbole. N. Korea will not launch and thereby commit national suicide. They might be dumb but they are not stupid.


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