Tim Rifat on Cyprus Theft, Kim Jong Un War, Berezovsky Murder Fukushima -Cobalt-60 Factory & The Never-Tested Doomsday Bomb

The Never-Tested Doomsday Bomb From Bill Hamilton skywatcher22@hotmail.com 8-27-03 Weapons of Total Destruction Many might remember the Neutron bomb which, when exploding, leaves buildings and roads intact while showering life on earth with lethal doses of neutron radiation. This way an enemy can kill all life within a zone and take possession of a city and all of its content. Dreadful, is it not, but not the Doomsday weapon conceived of in 1950 - the Cobalt Bomb. In the light of the current talks in China with North Korea, let us reflect on the awesome power of destruction we have brought into existence. The Cobalt Bomb is capable of wiping out life on earth. It explodes and emits long-lasting and lethal gamma radiation, the most energetic radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. Has the Cobalt Bomb been constructed? If it has, then it is part of a classified arsenal of weapons, but who would want to unleash a weapon of such destructive power that none who inhabit the earth would survive? Perhaps only those who can take refuge in a deep underground Ark.

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  1. I think terrible Tim...could have some merit at times however his remote viewing prowess is questionable....? Given the he has fallen prey to losses in Cypress banking theft...and the UK branch in his backyard? Remote Viewing so close perhaps wasn't remote enough...LOL


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