The North Korean Nuclear Threat & US Missile Defenses with Former MI5 Officer: Annie Machon

Annie Machon is a former British Security Service (MI5) intelligence officer who left the Service at the same time as David Shayler, her partner at the time, to help him blow the whistle about alleged criminality within the intelligence agencies. By doing this, they had to give up their careers, go on the run across Europe, live in hiding for a year, and then spend the next two years in exile in Paris. They, and many of their friends, family, supporters and journalists, claim to have been intimidated, and some of them were arrested, and put on trial. A death threat was announced against her on a Middle Eastern radio station.

In 2005, Machon published her first book, Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair in which she offers criticism of the Security Service and Secret Intelligence Service based on her observations of the two whilst in the employment of MI5.

In this interview:

The North Korean Nuclear Threat
Alaskan Missile Defense Program
Annie Machon's career at MI5
Internet Security & Government Spying
The War on Drugs


  1. This Machon woman is quite clearly insane!
    1)North Korea is able to put a payload into low earth orbit ergo that payload can be brought down anywhere on the planets surface!
    2) Missiles do not need to be and bases they can be hidden in adapted sea borne containers position just a few miles off the enemies coast gives the defense no time to react!
    3) The 23 active Nuclear power plants in South Korea are well withing the range of the Norths military including their nukes so guess what destroy a significant number of these reactors and withing a few days thanks to the winds America is so contaminated with deadly radiation it ceases to be a significant nation in any respect what so ever!

  2. If NK wants to attack the US there's no need for ICBMs, they just need to aim properly with a standard army rifle and shoot across the border. In the west they lie when they say the war is between Koreans in the south and Koreans in the north. The iron curtain dividing Germany in east and west had nothing to do with a war between Germans, but rather between the occupying superpowers using smaller countries as pawns in a much bigger game.


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