Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Michael Moore racist against his own race ~ Peter Schiff

What Moore gets wrong is that most firearms are simply used for sporting purposes including target shooting and hunting, not self defense. Target shooting is quite frankly a fun activity that kids and adults enjoy. 90% ownership, if his stat is even correct is meaningless. Those guns aren't used in crimes. All the gun crime is in Leftist areas that Moore caters too, namely cities over 250K residents. The 90% are responsibly owned. The other 10% are irresponsibly owned.

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  1. I mean, look at Michael Moore, he obviously HATES himself, so it stands to reason that he HATES the white man! As Peter Schiff stated, "Anybody can throw out stats!" Michael Moore has lost sooooooooooooo MUCH popularity since his RIDICULOUS STANCE on "Gun Control."


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