Sunday, March 31, 2013

Glenn Beck : Obama May Go To Prison

The liberal praise Obama but HATE BUSH because of the Patriot act and the war. But obama EXTENDED the patriot act, runs guns to our enemies, the NDAA act where he can legally arrest and violate the 6th amendment, he approved killing americans with no evidence with drone strikes, and has done nothing with our debt but raise it, and now hes trying to take away my 2nd amendment right, and hes approved the use of martial law if needed. he is so anti American

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  1. What was the whole war in Libya about? It was about establishing a Reserve Bank in Benghazi. Qaddafi was just an excuse, He was trying to start an African Gold Dinah to sell the oil. Can't have that and endanger the corrupt US petro dollar can we?When will people see our Politicians,military and all our spooky spies are being controlled by the "Banksters" We are living an illusion that will come to an end soon. Syria is next and any other person who is not "tapping" to the corrupt western tune.Does this statement make me a "terroist" can I expect a drone over my house?Jail the bastards now starting with every Banker you can get your hands on.


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