The Vatican ~ Pedophilia & Corruption Scandals

The Roman Catholic Church killed approximately 100 million people during the last inquisition for what they unilaterally considered to be heresy.

Pope Benedict XVI retires, becoming the first pope to abdicate in six centuries. Saying he wants to exit public life and remain 'hidden to the world' - he leaves his successor, to be named next month, to redeem the Church's reputation, following a string of child abuse and corruption allegations. There is little hope that even with Pope Benedict XVI stepping down, the Catholic Church will see an end to high-profile pedophile scandals. All Catholic clergy are culpable, David Lorenz of a priest abuse survivor network told RT


  1. Well, if you want to know more about why the Pope resigned, look in YouTube the following video and you will not believe it.:

    Verdict and Sentence_ Genocide in Canada

  2. In the 16th & 17th centuries the entire population of Europe was much less than 100 million.


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