The Death of Bill C-30: Enter Phase Two For Cyber Security

Bill C-30 is fundamentally flawed, intentionally deceptive. It is clear that Canada is being lied to, and we have the proof. Bill C-30 should not be ammended, it should be SCRAPPED! For the sake of our sovereign Rights, for our future generations, and for the future of the internet in Canada, We ALL have to demand that Bill C-30 (in it's current form) be shelved (or even better, destroyed along with the long-gun registry). There is absolutely no credibility behind this Bill now (not to mention the people behind it), and I don't want it to be changed or be ammended, I want this disgrace of a Bill to disappear, and the persons responsible for this blatent attack on Our country, held responsible.

The Canadian government has announced the death of Bill C-30. The controversial bill also known as "Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act" has been defeated! But does this mean that Canadians are in the clear with respect to online privacy? How does President Obama's executive order on cyber security effect Canadians? Has the battle been won, or are we merely entering phase two in the agenda for a global Orwellian surveillance grid?

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