Sex Scandals in The Vatican Behind The Pope Resignation ?

Vatican Priests Blackmailed By Gay Prostitutes "Rumors Of Gay Orgies & Priests In Drag Just Gossip!"

THE VATICAN, CITY OF LONDON, D.C. CORPORATIONS ...all globalist, and all pedo Oligarchy. The Vatican is capable of just about anything. It is identified as the "little horn" and Daniel and is the first "beast" of Revelation 13. This is not a slam on catholic people but rather on the system itself. It is a mixture of sun worship and Christianity. The Bible calls this "her fornication". God refers to his true church as a "delicate and comely woman". God refers to the papacy as the "Great Whore". The protestant churches that have adopted catholic teachings are called "her daughters".


  1. Almost all powerful men consider sex with many women and children as their right. It's very unlikely the pope's resignation is about sex and more likely about the powers-that-be not happy about one thing or another.

    Whatever we think we know... we don't know.

    1. Agreed... this is all window dressing. Sex scandals in the Catholic church is nothing new.

  2. An Anglo-American attack on Vatican
    Webster Tarpley -

  3. Catholic church,Vatican, cover-up for sex abuse, money wash, name it..not surprised..this sinister, evil "cancer" of our world


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