Money is a Form of Social Control and Modern Tool of Slavery

Our lifestyle today is unsustainable due to the enormous energy-consumption. If people really understood how much energy we daily consume from petroleum, they'd realize the problem. just to replace the energy amount daily consumed for transportation using oil with electricity, we'd need 10000 nuclear plants globally of the largest type we know of, according to Matt Simmons. Not to mention how much energy we'd need to produce those vehicles! An average petroleum car uses about 50 barrels of oil for its production. that's about 1000000 man-hours of labour.. If you think 150$ a barrel is expensive, just realize that one barrel equals ~25000 man-hours in energy. Then replace just one nuclear plant of average size with wind power, and you'll need 5000 windmills of 2MW size. (remember most places just have full wind production for 25% of the time) If that isn't enough, many of the metals and resources have already reached their peak.
Money as debt is a very interesting documentary, that everyone should see.
To me it was a bit shocking and a real eye-opener. It explains in a lot of ways why
it is such a mess in this world.

It explains in a very simple and easy to understand way:

* How money is created and where it really comes from.
* How our moneysystem works.
* How banks can loan such insane amounts of money.
* Why everyone is so heavily in debt.
* Why our money is worth less and less.
* Why asking interest over a loan is not a good idea.
* Why the stuff we buy gets crappier and needs to be replaced sooner.
* That modern banking is the biggest scam ever.
* How totally screwed we really are.

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  1. How do you take control of a world?

    First create a monetary system.

    Then print the money to feed that monetary system.

    Then control the supply and demand of that money.

    Now you have everyone, everywhere, dependent on that money supply that YOU created, and you control.

    ... Now you have a world that cannot buy or sell without your money.

    Make it the cheapest money system to operate,use paper!

    Get them addicted to it, so that you can buy up all the worlds assets, its Gold, Silver, Oil, Precious metals, Food, Land, Properties, Countries, A World.

    You have the real wealth, while the world has your paper.


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