Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Evidence ~ Sandy Hook is A Hoax

It is a Government Agenda False Flag Attack... I do not believe that one person died at Sandy Hook~ it was a ritual plain and simple and you can smell it and see it from beginning to end-if you look at the video's and footage you will see all the symbols including's funny as hell if you know what to look for...transparent....obvious and exposed!!! Tele-a-Vision

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  1. The Sandy Hook school could handle over 600 students. It is a pretty big facility I watched the YouTube video where they walked a camera 360 degrees around the building. The only road is Dickinson Road which means that the local population is going to congregate at the Fire House. There would have been hundreds upon hundreds of uncontrollable and concerned parents there if this had been REAL and not a DRILL.You can count the people around the Fire House in the helicopter shot. It's just not right. I think that the school was emptied prior to the drill except for the actors and a small group of children playing their part in the DRILL.


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