Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ron Paul exposes Obama's 'undeclared war' in Mali

Three weeks ago, French forces intervened in the African country of Mali where Islamist militants were attempting to cease control of key cities in the country. Now the French are claiming victory over the rebels and the US is providing intel and aiding in refueling missions. Former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has never shied away from criticizing America's interventions abroad and is calling this move another "undeclared war" by the US. RT's Liz Wahl brings us more.
International war criminal bankers that think they enough money to hire half the world to kill the other half .. started it.. and they want to keep it going.. ''REVELATION 17.17''.. The second best is this is going to blow back and destroy all that was done in Libya. This is sure to set africa ablaze and spread. welcome to the future world war three. Americans can kick themselves in their political ass for not speaking up when Ron Paul was Screwed by the republican party and airpac

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